Let us guide you through a safe and structured business processes outsourcing in Albania

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Our Vision

Develop outsourcing solutions that become integral part of Your Company’s value chain and ultimately grow to become Your key competitive advantages.

We do this through 3 streams of Services:


Analyze , decide and plan the outsourcing activities before execution.


Assist You to set up a a center in Albania that is tailored to Your needs and achieves your objectives.


You can just contract the work to us and we run it as a service with You staying on the driving seat. 

Our Approach

Yes, cost savings is one of the immediate effects of our outsourcing projects. However, we understand that every immediate financial benefit comes with other costs and risks and it can be diluted over time.

We believe in developing and executing strategic outsourcing road-maps that are integrated to Your Company’s business models. We grow these opportunities in partnership with Your Company to ensure they produce measurable benefits and become part of of Your competitive advantages in the value propositions to Your clients. 


Our opinions and custom made approaches to Business Process Outsourcing

Disruptive Outsourcing Solutions are Driving Competitive Advantage

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Rapid development of the Outsourcing and Shared Services Industry

The theory is that there is an immense underestimation of the impact the investments of government and commercial organizations in the CEE countries over the last couple of years had and will have on the balance of knowledge and economical power in Europe. And neither...