About us

We are a dedicated goal oriented team with a vast amount of experience. 

Our approach has been developed from decades of practical implementations and is focused to create measurable impact for Your Company. 

Our Team
The team of BPO Albania features consultants decades of accumulated experience in world class professional services firms such as the BIG4.

Our structured and tested approach combines with the local on-the-ground experience to provide You with customized solutions that truly work.

We are a result oriented team that is capable of helping you from the early stages of your outsourcing planning and up to measuring and monitoring the benefits of the scheme developed.

Our experience spans over several industries including: Services, Trade, Financial Sector, Energy, Transportation etc. We have combined expertise from various fields that are critical for a successful BPO process, such as: Strategy and Planning, Operations, Accounting and Finance, HR, Marketing, IT, Risk etc. Feel free to ask us about anything, check out our services or if you are wondering why Albania, view the Case for Albania that we have created. Do you still have questions? Just submit a question on our Contact Form and we will get back to you


Elvis Ziu

Elvis Ziu

Managing Partner

Elvis has over 20 years of experience in Consulting, Assurance and other Professional Services in Albania, USA and Kosova. In his long and intensive career, he has led over a thousand projects across multiple industries in areas such as Organizational Restructuring, BPR, Strategic Planning, Human Capital Development, Risk and Control, Assurance etc. He has helped many foreign companies, to set up or develop and grow their Albanian operations as well as helped the Albanian Government and Regulators in Albania and Kosova to pursue important reforms.
Jonian Gjermani

Jonian Gjermani

Digital Consultant

Jonian is a consultant focused on digitalization and managing digital disruption. He has significant experience structuring approaches and processes to sales and marketing digitalization for local and international organizations. He has worked in various phases of digitalization, from  preliminary strategy definition to process set up and finally to digital campaigns through the utilization of data analysis and correlations for optimizations. He comes from several years of experience as a Senior Consultant with one of the Big 4 Companies. 

Our Approach

Value to Vision

From early in the process we focus to understand Your Company Vision and develop our outsourcing assistance around it.  The right value drivers that will ultimately contribute to Your Company’s Vision and Objectives are developed and embedded throughout the outsourcing initiative.

Process and Control

We map and analyze processes to define clearly steps, responsibilities and type and level of resources needed to produce the desired result. We analyze the risk related to the process and determine and implement the necessary controls to ensure conformity.

People & Governance

We know People are the key to outsourcing. Having a clear view about objectives and processes we identify, develop and supervise the most appropriate team for the work that needs to be done. We establish a clear Governance so that there is no confusion in direction and communication as work is carried out.

Quality & Innovation

Quality is in everything we do. We determine and measure quality throughout the operation cycle as we know it is one of the key value drivers. Moreover, we push innovation to ensure we can maximize value throughout the process and don’t fall short of latest requirements and developments.