Our Services

BPO Albania features services that integrate top quality consulting with specific areas of expertise needed to assist you in the best way possible.

Whether you are just thinking to outsource or are advanced in your project, our services are flexible to adapt to your specific needs.




Many companies start an outsourcing project without proper analysis of processes in their existing stage.

We help you map and analyze existing processes to determine risk and opportunities of transferring elements of a process to a different location.

During this stage, we determine also what improvements can take place before the process is transferred.

Process Analysis
We map and analyze the processes you aim to outsource with the aim to determine what is the best outsourcing model that balances risk and benefit.
Feasibility Study
We run a feasibility study considering the costs and available resources you utilize to run the processes in your company and compare them to the opportunities that exist in Albania. We provide you with a feasibility report that can give you an honest view of what your options and opportunities are.
Develop Roadmap
We develop a road-map for Your journey to outsource entire processes or parts of processes to Albania. We make sure we consider the limitations of time and resources that You want to apply to the outsourcing project in line with Your Company’s objectives and operational plans.

center set-up

Having a well-structured plan is key to setting up a Share Service or Delivery Center.

We help you develop and execute that plan to ensure not only that the Center has the right resources, processes, and controls but also that all is done within the set budgets and timelines.

We assist you throughout the process of recruiting, logistics, company set up and management assistance until you are functional and also during Center operations.

Center Business Plan
We develop a Business Plan for You to consider all the operational and financial planning that is needed in order to develop the center. The business plan also has timelines, resource requirements, milestones, financial return indicators etc.
Develop the center for You
We execute the agreed plan and set up the center for you. We deal with company formation, recruiting, logistical issues, contracting, process set up, training and testing of the center functionality.
Center Management
We manage the Center for You. The management contract includes specific management elements that go from order processing or staff supervision to overall management responsibility for the Center.
Center Monitoring and Assistance
Given our knowledge of the environment, internal controls or of the specific center during earlier stages of the project we may be tasked to monitor the Center operations or specific Controls and KPIs. We can also provide specific assistance with technical matter related to Human Resources, Finances, or the specific processes that are outsourced.


Sometimes it is more appropriate to opt for a Turn-Key solution and not develop a Subsidiary Center in Albania. We can be your outsourcing partner and develop a mutually beneficial while flexible outsourcing arrangement that ensures you can ripe all the benefits of transferring the processes to Albania without going through the process of establishing an Albanian operation.

Develop and agree on outsourcing options
We will assist you to go through various and flexible outsourcing arrangements in order to be able to decide what is best for You. Whatever the arrangement the process will serve to set up a functional relationship that will create value for you and grow and last in time.
Full Service or Product Outsourcing
The arrangement could include a fully completed service or product delivered to You or Your customers. This type of service requires very clear terms of reference.
Sub process outsourcing
We might be contracted to perform only a portion of the work that is part of a larger process. To this end ongoing communication with your Team(s) and developing a symbiotic culture is important.
Data analytics and advisory
As part of assisting You with your processes on the back or front office, we may also add value to Your objectives by supporting You in various ways, including: analyzing the data we have access to, recommending improvements to processes, advising on client strategies etc.


We understand the challenges of outsourcing business processes to another country. Let us help you streamline this change and lower your risks to the minimum.