case for albania

With a young, well educated, multilingual and motivated workforce and an excellent connection infrastructure Albania is the perfect European destination for Outsourcing.
Cost structure of sourcing operations are significant lower even compared to other developing Central & Southern European countries. .


kEY competitive advantages


Albania is just next door to the EU with a UTC+1 Timezone which means that there is no time difference between your working hours. Additionally, we feature a multilingual population and cultural affinity.

That said, getting in and out of Albania is also very easy, featuring cheap flights, easy border-crossings, and a great transport infrastructure.

50% Less Costs

Cost of running business in Albania are lower even than other developing countries in Southeast Europe. Quality human resources cost at times up to 50% less than other comparable outsourcing destinations in Southeast Europe and certainly several times less than western European countries. Rent costs are 30-50% lower and tax on profit is only 15%.

Ready to Move-In Affordable Infrastructure

One of the key advantages of Albania is that support services are developed in many verticals, from a state of the art telecom, a tech-savvy workforce that can work in multiple channels and a SMAC ready infrastructure.

Peace of Mind

Albania is in the process of EU integration and already a member of NATO from 10 years. It adheres to all western world international trade  organizations.

It is a Stable Democratic Republic with mature laws mirrored to the EU but with employer favorable laws. Government and population in general is very favorable towards foreign investments.

Outstanding Talents

From very strong public schools to a selection of specialized private schools, over 160,000 youngsters enroll in Universities. 

All of them are energetic, interested in learning new things and always looking to excel. 

Out of 190 economies ranked on the ‘Doing Business’ rankings by the World Bank, Albania was ranked 58 in 2017. Albania ranks 19th globally in “Minority Investor Protection” on World Bank’s Doing Business rankings. Albania also scores higher than most European and Central Asian destinations on ‘Ease of Getting Credit’ for conducting business.

What are you waiting for?

We understand the challenges of outsourcing business processes to another country. Let us help you streamline this change and lower your risks to the minimum.